Modern Frameworks 2018

The ever-changing needs of the activity based workplace demands new innovative products. This has been the main inspiration when designing Cottage and Arkityp, a collaboration between the Swedish furniture producer Mizetto and the multidisciplinary designstudio ADDI.


The Cottage system is divided in to three different storage units for the various needs an ABW might have.  The smaller lockers are designed for personal storage while the larger units can be used as team-storage or to store, for example, gym-bags or coats.  The two frames adds space and volume to the concept.

Design by: ADDI


The inspiration for Arkityp is derived from the classic waste bin usually found in offices today.  Our updated version is designed to stand on its own, not to be hidden away in a cabinet in the back-office area.  Arkityp is made out of aluminium to make it lighter and easier to recycle and thereby more environmental-friendly.

Design by: ADDI


Frame is a flexible module storage system for the modern office that literally stands out.There is only two modules in this system but you can easily create great variations and different looks. The outer frame on the larger module casts beautiful shadows which creates a sense of depth even if both of the modules has the same storage capacity.  Chose between a great variation of materials and colors for both the frames and fronts.

Design by: ADDI

News 2017


Exhibit is a new and updated version of our traditional waste bins. Just a more playful and clean. With the bowls you can turn your waste bin to a centerpiece. The bowls acts as an invite for you to throw your waste. They are also easy to remove and clean if you use exhibit for food waste or similar. Designed to stand out rather than to be relegated to the dusty corners of the back office. With the intention if making the act of recycling something fun and enjoyable!

Design by: ADDI


Design and craft is combined in Folder. The bag for the activity based office.

Folder is a foldable bag for your personal belongings. It’s made in Småland, Sweden from recycled cardboard with details in natural tanned leather. When not in use you can easily unfold the bag and store it completely flat. You could also cobine the bag with the product Holder to use as a separator and storage for your lose papers and pens. Folder and Holder fits perfectly in all of our lockers. You can also get Folder in other colours and with canvas straps.

Design by: ADDI


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