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An end to akward lingering

Hang, perch, linger and loiter without the unnecessary physical strain of sitting down only to get back up again

Lumber is inviting and its message is clear; perch on me without any strings attached. Although its main object is to relieve people for a short period of time, it can also act as a room divider when placed next to each other, a centerpiece in an artsy environment as well as a play area for young and old.

Design studio Addi has wrestled the question how minimal a piece can be and still hold a lot of character. With inspiration from the traditional sawhorse, Addi has created a playful yet functional piece of furniture that fulfills new needs in a time where we more and more find ourselves waiting around in anonymous spaces.

The beam is upholstered with flame proof wool in a cover fully removable, reparable, and exchangeable. Its legs are made from powder coated metal, everything produced and assembled in Sweden and shipped in flat pack.