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If it works, it’s probably a workspace

Workspaces in rapid evolution

Who are we to dictate how a workspace or a functional meeting room should be designed or planned? We’d rather think this way: today’s needs are as diverse as the people who work in a place. Trends come and go, open layouts close up, and it seems like no one enjoys anywhere more than the comfort of their home.

When the challenge is to bring employees back to the workplace, we believe in creating an environment that encourages spontaneous meetings, a place with a hint of the relaxed atmosphere of home, and furniture that adapts to changing times and needs.

That’s why we say, if it works, it’s probably a workspace. With this perspective, our flexible furniture systems are designed.

A diversity in expressions and personalities promotes social interaction and ignites curiosity within a workspace.

Flexibility fuels creativity

Studies show that a flexible office space can enhance creativity by providing a versatile environment that stimulates diverse work approaches, accommodates various moods and personalities, and caters to individual physical preferences. This diversity in expressions and personalities not only promotes social interaction but also ignites curiosity within the workspace.

Furniture for a great meeting culture

Furniture plays a pivotal role in shaping a robust meeting culture, encompassing crucial aspects like diversity, comfort, engagement, accessibility, and, notably, creativity. Creativity seldom happens around oblong tables, but rather spontaneously. This aligns perfectly with our furniture, featuring upholstered beams for leaning, standing desks, and versatile work surfaces.


Sit without
staying seated

The upholstered furniture Lumber addresses the needs of modern times, where temporary seating or brief hangouts are desired. Perhaps to brighten up a long corridor or to offer seating where conventional chairs are scarce. Lumber makes room for spontaneous meetings.


Sit whenever,
and however

Enfold offers versatile seating options, seamlessly transitioning from the office or conference room to the dining area. With its enveloping backrest, it ensures comfortable support for extended periods of sitting, no matter the setting.


Ever evolving

Enfold Work is a workspace designed with creativity, variety, and flexibility in mind. With a plethora of accessories, Enfold can help create individual workspaces as well as hot spots. Just like the chair, the table is versatile in function and usage.


For meetings
on the move

Meetings can happen as unexpectedly as a sudden idea, which is why having a mobile and adaptable meeting table nearby can be a good idea. Standing and moving around stimulate creativity, so why not stay on your feet with Hangout.


Keep, curate and

The term workplace can mean just about anything today, from a desk in a large landscape or a small space to the kitchen table, or even the couch. What’s common for many workplaces, though, is the tools and items needed. Whether it’s keeping, curating, or simply taking a moment to pause, Soffice provides both a dedicated place and a convenient vessel for transportation.