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Turning recycling into a dedicated space for waste

Never put in a corner

When it comes to waste management, there’s a simple rule that guides our philosophy: Don’t let recycling become a waste of time or space. It must work. Our approach is clear: bins, waste baskets, and rubbish containers should not only be functional but also visually appealing and easily understood. Our designs are meant to shine, not be hidden away in a corner. We made them the main character, because when they’re seen, they’re used.

When bins are seen and understood, they’re used.

Made to work

Our range of bins showcases our commitment to functional and innovative design. From the playful and quirky Pelican, and the minimalist Arkityp, to the mobile convenience of the Bin There series, our bins are made to work in all environments.

With features like wheels, handles, and user-friendly bag removal systems, they’re all designed to be easy to handle and maintain.

Accelerating the shift

Nothing excites us more than embracing sustainable design and aligning with the goals of Agenda 2030. We’re here to accelerate the journey towards greener offices and healthier workplaces by crafting functional objects that excel at their jobs while making a positive impact on the environment.


Elevated and

Arkad takes up as much space as you allow it. Choose to stand out with colour, or let it blend in with a monochrome variant. The bins are generously sized and come with different types of lids for easier sorting. Small feet provide an airy expression that also facilitates cleaning.


Made to make
an impact

The Pelican bin is a convenient no-touch solution with a pedal for the office or workplace. Boldly place it in the spotlight—Pelican is designed to be seen and stand out. Available in two sizes.


Waste management
on wheels

In modern workplaces and offices, there’s often a need for flexibility and spontaneity. With waste management on wheels, handling leftovers from a terrace lunch or disposing of thousands of post-its from a workshop becomes a no-brainer.


Optimize waste
management in style

Exhibit is the go-to bin for workplaces with high demands that refuse to compromise on aesthetics. This generous bin comes with numerous accessories and can be configured into a full recycling station or placed as standalone units.