Soffice is a series of different products acting as accessories and helpers for the domestic or professional modern workstation.

Made of plastic waste, reduced into fiber and thermo compressed into the new material felt, four products have been created from the same mold. The series include a larger organizer with a handle to carry things such as cables, notebooks, tools or devices back and forth from a locker or storage. It also includes a cable storage box with a wooden lid, a small business card or pen-organizer, both for the desk, and last by not least a lower toolbox, also equipped with a handle and smaller compartments for various things to be kept in place.

The Soffice series works well as a family and as separate pieces and will happily hold anything from Lego pieces and freshly picked herbs to post-it notes and a coffee thermos.


Solid Oak
Handle & Lid

Grey Felt
Post-consumer recycled PET


Soffice Bag

Soffice Toolbox

Soffice Cord

Soffice Pen


Soffice Bag
H: 300 mm, 11.81″
W: 349 mm, 13.74″
D: 177 mm, 6.97″

Soffice Toolbox
H: 150 mm, 5,91″
W: 340 mm, 13,39″
D: 167 mm, 6,61″

Soffice Cord
H: 96 mm, 3,78″
W: 336 mm, 13,23″
D: 168 mm, 6,61″

Soffice Pen
H: 40 mm, 1,57″
W: 331 mm, 13,03″
D: 163 mm, 6,42″

Words from the designer
“The pieces of the series are shaped with a holistic approach.”
– Studio Nooi


The trays in sets of three are as much a decorative sculpture on the desk as a functional and mobile small storage for the most important items.


Sustainable bags made of coated cardboard are an integral part of the mobile and environmentally conscious office. A choice to be proud of.

Lumber wins Dezeen Awards

” This furniture collection proposes a new typology for the workplace as well as other public spaces. The ‘positively lightweight’ design is stripped of unnecessary details yet remains flexible and versatile in its applications.” – Judges Comments