A wooden embrace

The Enfold armchair was born both from a dream about a chair and a practical need at the Mizetto furniture factory. The chair, designed by Sami Kallio, marks the first seating in our product line and has a shape that seemingly embraces its user with its armrests. This graceful feature makes the chair both stackable and hangs steadily on a tabletop.

Enfold’s unique oval legs gives the armchair character that separates it from similar chair types, a design detail also found in the table in the same series.


Deep Burgundy

Dusty Blue

Forest green





H1: 758 mm, 29,8″
H2: Seating height 454 mm, 17,9″
W: 557 mm, 21,9″
D: 505 mm, 19,9″

Words from the designer
“Man and machine both play a role in many of my creations. I use to merging modern methods of industrial manufacturing with handcrafted techniques.”
– Sami Kallio

Enfold table

A table for many and for you.

Enfold work

A creative evolution of the traditional conference or dining room table.


No more awkward lingering.