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What others call sustainability, we call common sense

Our core principles were forged long ago in a workshop in Kalmar—well before ‘sustainability’ was a marketing phrase. We’ve always acted responsibly towards the environment and our employees, regardless of whether our customers or the industry cared. Frankly, we can’t afford to jeopardize the well-being of our team or the planet’s ability to thrive. Why would we? This, to us, is a fundamental approach that gives us a natural edge, setting our sustainability efforts far above industry standards and minimum requirements.

Thriving hand in hand
with the forest

As we venture well-known forest paths and tackle challenging bike trails, we spark new ideas, and analyze significant business events. Since our livelihood depends on the forest’s resources, we maintain a deep commitment to its preservation. This is why we exclusively use FSC-certified wood, which is replanted to support sustainable forestry.

Additionally, we minimize waste to nearly 100 percent. Excess materials from production are carefully recycled, leaving virtually no waste behind. Any remaining waste is converted into district heating further down the chain to power our factory .

“It’s natural that our children and future generations should have the same access to nature as we do.”

With in-house production, we’ve got it all under control

The advantage of having our own factory and owning our production is that we create our own conditions. This means we can set high standards for suppliers and collaborators. It also translates to fewer transports, fewer stages, and complete transparency. Above all, the real advantage is that we have control all the way from Kalmar to our customers worldwide.

Naturally we invest in well-being at work

Just as respecting the environment is a given, investing in the health, well-being, and creativity of our employees is paramount. We are proud to have been named Entrepreneur of the Year in our region based on our sustainability efforts and our work environment where fairness, equality, and inclusion are our guiding principles.


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