Pedestal for
precious plants

Let’s face it, plants are smarter than people and will outlive us all. Therefore, they deserve the best pedestal possible to shine on. Much like people though, they have different needs and abilities, which Plant Here by Addi carefully caters for with its accessible and playful design.

The modular Plant Here answers to the many needs and functions of a modern urban farmer or office gardener. For example, a generous depth, an inner pot for easy planting and re-planting, as well as different heights, shapes, sizes, and colors. Combined they form playful green islands and eye-catching installations, and the possibilities are almost endless.

Made in powder coated metal with integrated plastic liner.


Deep Burgundy
RAL 3007

RAL 1019

RAL 9005

Dusty Blue
RAL 5014

Forest green
RAL 7033

RAL 9003


Deep Burgundy Single

Deep Burgundy Duo

Deep Burgundy Trio

Latte Single

Latte Duo

Latte Trio

Black Single

Black Duo

Black Trio

Dusty Blue Single

Dusty Blue Duo

Dusty Blue Trio

Forest Green Single

Forest Green Duo

Forest Green Trio

White Single

White Duo

White Trio


H1: 453 mm, 17,8″
H2: 330 mm, 13″
W: 874 mm, 34,4″
D: 288 mm, 11,3″

Round 10 L, 2,6gal
Oval 22 L, 5,8gal

Words from the designer
“Combine Plant Here for playful green islands and attention-grabbing installations, the possibilities are almost endless.”

A green office

Adding greenery to your workspace or office is a smart move for health and efficiency among employees.

Bin There L

Roll in, unveil, and roll away.

Frame Planter

Framed and elevated.