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Where bold ideas meet Småland’s grit

Mizetto is a family that discusses strategies at the dinner table and develops ideas during bike rides. As a visitor, you step right into the factory because there’s no ‘entry through the showroom’ or ‘exit through the gift shop’ here. Mizetto is straightforward. Bold and unapologetic.

Leading without bossing around

How do you run a design brand that’s also a furniture manufacturer with its own factory and employees today? Sure, we create workplaces for a living, but how do we motivate our own team to show up for work?

We’re determined to do it our way. With a strong focus on fairness, health, and creativity. Instead of bossing people around, we’ve created a community where everyone has a say in their daily life and is respected.

Challenging the norm

We often describe Mizetto as a fearless explorer of conventions and boundaries. In practice, this means we drive progress based on our high standards and ambitions, we set lofty goals, and we plow through uncharted territory. Sometimes for ourselves, sometimes for the entire industry. We’d rather take a detour than ‘no’ for an answer.

Bold design embracing the unique

It’s at the intersection of vision and impossibility that excitement arises. We’re driven to do what many might consider unthinkable. When we have a great idea in front of us, we’re nearly unstoppable in our ambition to bring it to life. Like a spontaneous road trip, our attitude is that things will work out along the way.

Our process may be unconventional, but it’s never irrational. The proof is in our products, our award-winning design, which also doesn’t bend to any dull norms. In this way, our products symbolize our approach to design—it should both challenge and attract.


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