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A green office space is a happy work place

Health and productivity boosting

Adding greenery to your workspace or office is a smart move for health and efficiency among employees. Plants not only make you work better, but research also indicates that offices with plants see an increase in productivity and concentration levels. The green stuff has a surprisingly powerful effect on our ability to focus and process information.

Easy maintenance, like watering, moving, and re-planting, is a given in our products because we believe your workspace should work for you.

By bringing nature indoors you cultivate a space that promotes well-being, health, and productivity.

Breathe life into your workspace

Ever walked into an office and felt instantly calmer, more inspired? Often, it’s the greenery that makes the difference. Adding plants to your workspace creates a welcoming and more creative environment. They also add a splash of color and a breath of life to sterile office landscapes. Our range of planters, designed for every office size and style, ensures that your space is not just greener, but also modern and inviting.

Personalize your green workspace with Mizetto

Our collection of planters offers endless possibilities to personalize your workspace. From sleek, integrated designs like Cottage and Understand to bold statement pieces like Plant Here, allowing you to be creative with both space and different forms of greenery.


Partition, frame,
set the stage

Few planters boast as much character and flexibility as Plant Here. By combining modules of various shapes, heights, and colours, eye-catching installations can be created.


Greenery on
every level

Experience the fusion of nature and work with Understand’s integrated planters, bringing greenery closer to your desk without sacrificing space. Build vertically, diagonally, or horizontally to create a lush oasis in the heart of your office.


Roll in, unveil,
and roll away

Here one moment, gone the next. In today’s dynamic workplaces, flexibility is key. With Bin There, recycling meets greenery in a seamlessly adaptable solution, perfect for any spontaneous office activity.


Planting as the
cherry on top

There’s always room for greenery, especially with C Planter, which elegantly and quite literally elevates plants to new heights. Greenery atop storage and closer to eye level adds vitality to the workplace, offering more views to rest your eyes upon.


and elevated

Storage transformed into a spatial installation, that’s FR Planter. A wooden piece with minimalist character that becomes a focal point in the foyer or a spot for relaxation in the office landscape. With greenery in sturdy planters, vertical perspectives are created.