A table for many and for you

The table in the Enfold series is a multi-purpose system and creative take on the dinner or conference table, turned into a playful workspace with different colorful attachments and attributes. With its modular attributes the table is transformed into a modern workspace where each person can adjust the personal space with a hanging shelf, a sliding sound absorber, and a set of trays connected to a frame. The attributes are available in all the colors of the Summer collection: burgundy, latte, forest green, dusty blue and black.


Deep Burgundy
RAL 3007
Sound Absorber: LDS40

Forest Green
RAL 7033
Sound Absorber: LDS23

RAL 9005
Sound Absorber: LDS27

Dusty Blue
RAL 5014
Sound Absorber: LDS58

RAL 1019
Sound Absorber: LDS32



Forbo 4023

Forbo 4154

Forbo 4184


H: 445 mm, 17,5″
W: 310 mm, 12,2″
D: 350 mm, 13,8″

Linear Beam
H: 840 mm, 33,1″
W: 2050 mm, 80,7″
D: 25 mm, 1″

Sound Absorber
H: 600 mm, 23,6″
W: 890 mm, 35”
D: 28 mm, 1,1”

Cable Holder
H: 70 mm, 2,8″
W: 1500 mm, 59,1″
D: 70 mm, 2,8″

Tool Box
H: 80 mm, 3,1″
W: 500 mm, 19,7″
D: 160 mm, 6,3″

Storage Cord
H: 80 mm, 3,1″
W: 500 mm, 19,7″
D: 160 mm, 6,3″


Enfold Work
H1: 730 mm, 28,7”
H2: 1570 mm, 61,8”
W: 2050 mm, 80,7”
D: 900 mm, 35,4”

Words from the designer
“Man and machine both play a role in many of my creations. I use to merging modern methods of industrial manufacturing with handcrafted techniques.”
– Sami Kallio

Enfold table

A table for many and for you.

Enfold work

A creative evolution of the traditional conference or dining room table.


No more awkward lingering.