A table for
many and for you

The table in the Enfold series is a multi-purpose system and creative take on the dinner or conference table, turned into a playful workspace with different colorful attachments and attributes. With its modular attributes the table is transformed into a modern workspace where each person can adjust the personal space with a hanging shelf, a sliding sound absorber, and a set of trays connected to a frame. The attributes are avaialbe in all the colors of the Summer collection: burgundy, latte, forest green, dusty blue and black.

The table has, like its sibling the armchair, oval legs which are attached to the tabletop using an aluminum bracket. This enables a high level of flexibility both in regards of placement of the legs, size of the tabletop, as well as to how many chairs can be placed under the surface.


Deep Burgundy
RAL 3007

Forest Green
RAL 7033

RAL 9005

Dusty Blue
RAL 5014

RAL 1019



Forbo 4023

Forbo 4154

Forbo 4184




H: 445 mm, 17,5″
W: 310 mm, 12,2″
D: 350 mm, 13,8″

Linear Beam
H: 840 mm, 33,1″
W: 2050 mm, 80,7″
D: 25 mm, 1″

Sound Absorber
H 600 mm, 23,6″
W 890 mm, 35”
D 28 mm, 1,1”

Cable Holder
H: 70 mm, 2,8″
W: 1500 mm, 59,1″
D: 70 mm, 2,8″

Tool Box
H: 80 mm, 3,1″
W: 500 mm, 19,7″
D: 160 mm, 6,3″

Storage Cord
H: 80 mm, 3,1″
W: 500 mm, 19,7″
D: 160 mm, 6,3″


Enfold Table
H1: 730 mm, 28,7”
W: 2000 mm, 78,7”
D: 900 mm, 35,4”

Enfold Work
H1: 730 mm, 28,7”
H2: 1542 mm, 60,7”
W: 2000 mm, 78,7”
D: 900 mm, 35,4”

Words from the designer
“Man and machine both play a role in many of my creations. I use to merging modern methods of industrial manufacturing with handcrafted techniques.”
– Sami Kallio


An embracing armchair.

Enfold work

A creative evolution of the traditional conference or dining room table.


No more awkward lingering.