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We are excited to announce that Plant Here wins a Hip Award. Interior Design’s HiP Award honors industry people and innovative products. This unique initiative honors commercial industry pioneers and achievements in product design.

Biophilic design does wonders for people stuck in offices all day with nothing to gaze upon apart from bleak colleagues and dead screens. Plant Here is a natural eye-catcher and creative office oasis where plants have been given the best conditions for elevation and cultivation.

Mizetto wanted a planter to replace all other office planters and urns, one that benefits both people and places, and of course growth. Addi designed the modular Plant Here with the ambition of offering more than pots for plants, and rather a piece of furniture with ability to frame or separate a room and give its people all the benefits of nature. Plant Here is produced in Småland, Sweden, with an outer metal shell and inner pots made from plastic.

How does the project showcase innovation?

Plant Here answers to the many needs and concerns urban farmers and office gardeners face today, some of them practical but some purely aesthetic, not to say vain. For example, by raising the planter from the floor and keeping your plant friends in eye height when working, one can through a loving glance without losing focus from your screen. But also, the dimensions and functions of the planters are adjusted to specific needs, such as a generous depth, an inner transparent pot for flexible planting and easy maintenance, as well as different heights, shapes, sizes and colors. Because much like people, plats have different needs and abilities.

How is the design beneficial?

The outdoors has found a new status and is in many ways the new indoors. But for those not so lucky to work on a rooftop or able to play paddle all day, brining nature inside is a good alternative. Plant Here is a creative and attention-grabbing planter for the office allowing the user to build installations using greenery in different heights and constellations.