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Understand your needs

A sculptural shelfing system and room divider for many different environments.

A jewel or piece of art, as much as a storage unit, where different modules create a freestanding entity. The furniture system plays with the idea of gravitation and has no clear limits or limitations, with its levitating boxes and shapes. By placing the boxes differently, either hanging or resting on the steel frame, practical shelves and beautiful voids can be created. Even a pot for greenery can be added.

Understand your needs

This system stands for full flexibility and embodies the expression ‘thinking outside of the box’ with its ability to change, with many color, material and shape options. The piece has an architectural elegance which can be both minimal as well as playful.

“Spaces and voids, sometimes the unpainted brushstrokes are most crucial. Our inspiration for designing Understand was weightlessness. When we twisted and turned the modules, a flexible and obvious shelf emerged. Few modules create an infinite universe.”