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Fall Collection 2021

Understand / Hangout / Bloom / Felt Like It / Traysi

Understand is a sculptural shelfing system and room divider for many different environments.

A jewel or piece of art, as much as a storage unit, where different modules create a freestanding entity. The furniture system plays with the idea of gravitation and has no clear limits or limitations, with its levitating boxes and shapes.

Design: ADDI Design Studio

Hangout is a natural companion at the office.

A high desk for the activity-based workspace, a mobile and easily-accessible space for quick and creative meetings where thoughts can flow freely. The table combines a surface, for showcasing and pinning things, with a room divider thanks to its multifunctional sides.

Design: ADDI Design Studio

Bloom is a dainty clothing system that gives a strong first impression.

A storage unit with added functions and dedicated space for umbrellas, bags and other things often left in the entrance. Simple geometric shapes are combined in a way that refers to a flower’s petals, which make up the knobs of the hanger.


Felt Like It is the mobile office in a bag.

A way to transport and move personal items such as work material and tech between a storage and a workspace. The bag in recycled PET is spacious with a generous number of compartments and functions, making it the perfect commuter bag.

Design: ADDI Design Studio

Traysi is the tiny detail that adds a little extra something to the office or workspace.

A place to store and sort, or perhaps to keep and transport. The trays, in sets of three, are as much a decorative sculpture as a functional and mobile way to store small beloved things.

Design: ADDI Design Studio