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Pelican is a practical must-have turned into a decorative object and eye-catcher. This pedal bin with touchless interaction is a series of recycle urns for the modern office that doesn’t compromise with taste nor the environment.

Pelican, by Nooi design studio, comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. Its minimalistic design and modular shape work both as a solitary piece, as well as combined in a group of two or more. Placed back-to-back they become an oval shape and placed in a row against a wall they form a cloud-like organic shape. Its refined character makes the bin suitable both for the domestic environment as well as a larger recycling station in public spaces and offices.

The necessity of designing a pedal bin for Mizetto has developed during the years of the Covid19 pandemic, which has left all of us reluctant to touch handles and surfaces in public spaces, especially in relation to waste bins. The Pelican bin is characterized by clean geometrical lines, yet with a soft expression. The bin is designed to be used as a single piece or as part of recycling stations. Pelican’s characteristic shape creates harmonic geometrical compositions when more bins are placed side by side or two bins are placed back to back. Pelican is available in different sizes and colors, its understated and refined character makes it suitable for both public and private spaces.”


Nobody puts Pelican in a corner. Much like sustainability needs to be everyone’s main objective, recycling bins deserve a central placement in every office. Pelican is designed to claim its space. Born in pandemic times, it’s adjusted to minimal touch of the hand and easy maintenance.

Pelican is designed to make a difference in places where it has the most potential to make a big impact, the office. Recycling may come as natural as drinking tap water in Sweden, but in many other countries and areas it still needs to be nudged and encouraged. Pelican recycling bins make it easier to make a good choice, the right choice.