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Personalize the office space

Beside is a shelfing unit on wheels, an office trolley-system based on modules to perform and perfect every need a modern workspace has.

On its main body structure a variety of accessories can be attached and hung, such as shelfs, hooks, drawers,  and magazine-racks. By attaching and organizing shelfs in different configurations many different needs can be met.

Personalize the office space

The separate units can be attached to each other, forming a sideboard, a bench, or a wider storage solution on wheels. And on its own, Beside is the perfect helper and storage unit for the modern office when one needs to move around and readjust the space.

Beside comes in two different heights and a combination of wood and metal, lacquered in a variety of colors. The perfect way to customize and personalize parts of the office space.

“As designers, we like to play with the idea of allowing the final user to personalize industrial products. In this way, despite the standardization of industrially produced goods, every piece can be slightly different from each other, thanks to the different ways the users interact with them. We like the idea of involving the end user in making choices related to the product.”