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User interaction at its core

Edit is a versatile and playful shelf with user interaction at its core.

Graphical to look at and practical to work with, it allows the user to create personal and unique compositions and visual games like a piece of art. A groove running along the shelf with two partitions inserted helps to support items as well as creating little barriers between objects, books, frames, and other items.

The shelf can be described as a simple product with a twist, allowing a more dynamic approach to an otherwise static product. With time and personal touch, each Edit becomes spatial and can be modified by adding, moving, removing, and adjusting the items on it.
With Edit, alone or in a group, one can easily add a splash of color to the office or domestic environment. The combination of oak veneer and powder coated metal in a wide range of warm and earthy tones sends a strong message of modern interior design
with a Nordic touch.

“We like the idea of involving the end user in making choices related to the product. In the case of Edit, users can move, add and remove elements actively contributing to define the product form and function.”