Playfully pleasing center piece

Exhibit gives the hidden and undesired a central and attractive position. Sorting with artistic pride and well-preserved childishness.
With equal parts humor and seriousness, Exhibit highlights the sorting as if it is in the finest art exhibition. Here, both the playfulness and the environmental consideration, are the focal points.

Why not curate your own environmental exhibition in the middle of the room, with your units at the exact throwing-distance?

Exhibit are the sorting bins that can withstand exposure. Fronts have push openings and without handles, the appearance of a bare podium, is enhanced.


H: 1161, 781
B: 613
D: 580


Addi’s thoughts about Exhibit

There is a lack of playful recycling.  What would happen if we would make the recycling in to an exhibition instead of hiding it. Create a center piece. And so Exhibit was born.


Any Color

White Standard

Any Color